Paulo Brandão, an Enterprise and a Brand with its own identity

The brand Paulo Brandão with two decades of existence, began a new phase of its development. The company that owns the brand, Paulo Brandão, Ltd., was acquired by a new investor, Comendador Rodrigo Leite, with a new vision. He intends to leverage its growth by investing in product quality and design, strengthening its sales team and investing in a strong communication campaign that reinforces the brand awareness, based on its new positioning.

Simultaneously, the new owner, also acquired VersãoLatina, the industrial company where Paulo Brandão is produced. VersãoLatina has a specialized team with over 20 years experience in this segment, which is a competitive advantage. The owner invested in a modern industrial pavilion, located in the industrial area of Travanca and reinforced the productive capacity in order to ensure productivity gains and sustainability of the project. The company produces sophisticated and refined women shoes with a high level of handmade craft. Therefore the continuous training of its human resources wasn’t neglected.

Paulo Brandão has reinvented itself as a challenging statement to the signs of the time. Aimed at women who value and honor comfort, originality, quality, timelessness and exclusivity.

Paulo Brandão…a brand with its own identity.

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Former Owner of Tertir,
wears “Sex and City” by the age of 81 years old.


Comendador Armindo Rodrigo Vieira Leite – CEO

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